Birth of the ILC

Just over a decade ago, Sony started disrupting the industry with the birth of the rangefinder mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC) in three products Alpha NEX-5, Alpha NEX-6, and Alpha NEX-7. With the camera came the E-Mount lens standard that not only allowed a variety of Sony Alpha lens combinations, but with inexpensive adapters, nearly any lens from multiple manufacturers including Nikon, Canon, Sigma, or Panavision.

Over the ensuing years, Sony refined the ILC to the current product line of Alpha 7 series including the much anticipated Alpha 7S III. If not for the global pandemic, Sony would have had many in person experiences to try out the new line of camera, but the next best thing is a virtual event, many of which are coming up. Here is a summary:

Samy’s Open House

Band Pro One World Open House, 4 PM, 10 December 2020

Samy’s Holiday Education Event, 10 December to 16 December (hours vary)